Vibrador: Massage Relax

Do you need a vibration app? Do you need a vibrating massage? This app is for you!This is a simulated vibration app. It turns your phone into a strong vibrating massage machine. You can also relax and sleep with natural sounds, music for meditation, white noise and relaxation. It is very simple, easy to use with nice user interface.
Functions:- Body massage- Relaxing wherever you want.- Sleep with natural sounds, sleep sounds, rain sounds and more.
How does it work:- Vibrate the phone constantly, constant vibration- Vibrate the phone for a long time, long vibrations- Vibrate the phone’s intermittent vibration rhythm- Natural sounds will give you a relaxing moment and a deep sleep
Vibration App for women and girls can be used for all age groups, all sexes, women’s massage machine. It will help you to relax, relieve pain, fall asleep quickly and have great times.
note: Vibration App use for relaxation and entertainment purposes only. It is just a complementary solution, not a substitute for professional massage equipment.